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About KHI

KHI Food Brands, based in Burlington, Kentucky, is a VALUE-ADDED FOOD MANUFACTURER.  

Formerly known as KHI Foods Inc., the company was founded in 2001 by Millard Long, who has over 30 years of food processing and packaging experience for nationally recognized brands.  Founded as a small local honey producer – KHI Foods Inc. expanded to include tomato and vegetable based items.  Since then KHI has continued to diversify and increase production at a substantial rate.

In 2019, KHI Foods Inc. was purchased by the group behind Pompilio’s Pasta Sauces and became KHI Food Brands.  Since 2019 KHI Food Brands business has expanded to include a strong proprietary brand portfolio, Co-Packing for small to large businesses, processing of fruits and vegetables for farmers, school and institution food packaging, and providing branding, marketing, and support to companies and individuals looking to take their products to market. 

KHI is proud to be a member and large supporter of the Kentucky Proud Program, which connects local farmers and manufactures, since its inception. KHI Food Brands always seek quality fruits and vegetables from local farmers  to use in all of our current products and in creating new products for our brands, customers and farmers. 


Kentucky Farm


Proprietary Brands

Over the years KHI Foods has developed a long list of proprietary recipes and brands.  Our brands include Pompilio’s Pasta Sauces, Nona Rose Sauces and Salsas, Wicked Shrimp Condiments and Sauces, KHI Asian and Mexican Sauces, KHI Bar Mixes, and Ale 81 Salsa and Sauces. 


Private Labeling

Interested in having your own product line without getting involved in the challenges involved in formulating a new product?  We offer a large selection of products that can be private labeled. Bring your ideas or food products to us, and our team of R&D, marketing experts and support staff will do everything necessary to shepherd them from concept to completion.




Do you have an original food product recipe but need a partner to help you meet growing demand? We provide small batch manufacturing solutions that will allow you to take your business to the next level. As an experience co-packer, we have helped transform a number of farmers recipes and popular brands into local and regional household names. We take tremendous pride in being able to replicate and scale your authentic recipe in a way that will help you succeed. We can also support you every step of the way, from branding and marketing to production, distribution, logistics and beyond.


Corporate Partners






We purchase Kentucky grown fruits and vegetables to use and create great tasting food products. We also work with farmers to process and develop their food products for their customers.

Buying Tomatoes


Schools and Institutions

We provide Kentucky Proud food products in industrial packaging for local schools and institutions. 

We process chef inspired low sodium cooking sauces made to fulfill child nutritional requirements for schools.

Our traditional, Italian, Hispanic, Oriental, and Cajun cooking sauces allows schools and institutions to easily and consistently prepare and serve authentic dishes to happy customers.



We are very dedicated to superior food quality, eye catching labeling and jarring, outstanding customer service while following all food safety regulations.


Food Types

Tomatoes, Vegetables, Fruits, Hot Fill.

Container Options

12 pack – 26 oz. , 16 oz. , 14 oz. , 12 oz. , 8 oz. Glass Containers

4 pack – 1 Gallon Plastic Jugs

6 pack – 7 Pound Industrial Bags for Food Service

 (additional options may be available upon request)


Product Examples

Salsas, Pasta Sauces, Pizza Sauce, BBQ Sauces, Vegetarian Chili, Bloody Mary Mixes, Cocktail Sauces, Tomato Juice, Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Marinades, Asian Sauces, Mexican Sauces


Varies per contract. Minimum 500 Pounds per run.


R&D In Conjunction With Formula And Flavor Development Promotional And Conceptual Development Strategies Private Label Brand Launch And Grassroot Media Strategies.

Contact Us

For questions about any of our products, or help with placing your order, don't hesitate to contact us:

Phone:  859-586-5283

7455 East Bend Road
Burlington, Kentucky 41005